Sunday, August 05, 2007
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Welcome to my weight loss blog: Body Boot Camp! I had major weight loss last year (50 pounds), got stressed out and gained it again. That is the first and LAST time I plan on doing that. I need to journalize what I eat everyday and decided that a blog would be the best way to do it! I am doing basic calorie counting/Weight Watchers CORE.
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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
So...I recently purchased this.

Can anyone reccommend any free palm tools for tracking food and weight?


Friday, August 25, 2006
Food For Thought
Here's an article I wrote on my other blog:

Thursday, August 24, 2006
I found this blog: I haven't read any of her posts yet, but the title is HILARIOUS! I plan to read it later after work.

I also plan to do an ENTIRE The Firm tape tonight, so if I never come back you will know that it has killed me.

Ok, a more detailed post to follow..........................

Monday, August 21, 2006
I have an excuse really!
So the euphoria of starting a diet has faded fast! I can not find a good way to track my food. Doing fit day is annoying and takes FOREVER! I should just write down what I write in a notebook right? Ok I know I know.....

But I have been busy. I promise. Don't believe me? Check out my current schedule!

I plan on working out everyday from now on. I don't care if it's The Firm, WATP, or doing some simple excercise with free weights.

If I don't change my habits, I will not become healthier. And we can't have that now can we??

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Snack Attacks
I've been trying to avoid eating at night. That's my vice. I can eat perfectly fine all day, and then at 3 am I HAVE to eat a ton of ice cream, pancakes, whatever! So here's what I've been doing instead:

  • Watching a lot of dvr-ed shows
  • Doing lunges/running to the kitchen (ya know getting my metabolism up before pigging out ;)
  • EBAYING! Buying and Selling
  • Taking random pictures
  • Taking showers
  • Brushing my teeth
  • Making jello (sugar free- you can eat the ENTIRE package for only 40 calories!!!)

What are you doing to avoid midnight snack attacks?

Monday, August 07, 2006
Glorious Food!
If anyone is looking at my fitday journals, you're probably thinking, 'What kind of diet is she ON? Look at ALL those calories?!'. Well this week I am working on MOVING first. I am writing down everything I eat. But I will work on better food choices next week. One thing at a time. However it is amazing to see this LONG list of what I've eaten all day. I have noticed that I tend to graze throughout the entire day. For instance I was hungry yesterday and ate 6! Oreo cookies. Um, I could have had a healthy sandwich with better nutrients and less calories. So using Fitday is really helping me. The first thing I plan to do is buy healthy 'free foods'. Such as celerey (yum!) broccoili etc. That way I can still graze, but it won't be as harmful. I also saw a recipe for a low point (I think like 0 or 1 pts) (weight watcher) veggie soup. I'm going to make that so I can eat it for my late night cravings. Ok! I have to go walk a few miles ;)

I currently work out using The Firm dvds and Transfirmer and Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) dvds. I was able to find a lot of WATP dvds on Ebay. I bought4 dvds that have at least 2 workouts on each dvd. However I am looking for another kind of workout to have variety. I looked into turbo jam and decided to buy that. The cheapest price I could find was at QVC. I'm excited to add it into my rotation.

Foods NOT to eat!
Here are some lovely links to some gross food: